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Meet the Team

meet the people behind the food

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Ann Scott

owner + comedienne

Hey there! My name is Ann Scott. I am a mother of 5 and the owner/founder of The 30 Bird here in Bowling Green, KY.


I firmly belief that a healthy relationship with food is not only important, but vitally essential to leading a happy and productive life; that is why it is essential to consume real, non-processed, whole foods.


My passion for healthy eating began in January 2017 when I did my first round of Whole30.

Whole30 is a program that emphasizes whole foods and includes the elimination of sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, and dairy.  While Whole30 may lead to weight loss, the true goal is becoming mindful about how certain foods impact our body so that we can eliminate problematic foods from our diet.  


The impact the Whole30 program had on virtually every area of my life was eye-opening and I became increasingly motivated to help others make changes in their lives. I became a Whole30 certified coach and began by cooking Whole30 meals for my running group, but as demand increased it became apparent that I needed a permanent nest. In January 2019, I opened The 30 Bird and the rest is history. 

 Favorite Bow/ Smoothie: 30B OG + vanilla almond butter & Purple Rain w/ Protein

Favorite 30B meal: Kale Side Salad

Favorite Chicken Salad: Real Dill

Favorite Baked Item: Coconut Macaroons


Sóley Powers

baker + Icelandic Goddess

 Favorite Bowl/Smoothie: Rainbow Bowl/Purple Rain w/ Protein

Favorite 30B meal(s): Mexican Quinoa Skillet

Favorite Chicken Salad: Original 

Favorite Baked Good: Bliss Bars


Kim Sutkowski

expert baker

Favorite 30B Baked Good: Dark Chocolate Chunk Scones

Favorite 30B meal: Chicken Curry

Favorite Bowl/Smoothie: Acai w/ granola and RX vanilla almond butter

Favorite Chicken Salad: BG Hot 

Dana Haddock

culinary genius + work mom

Favorite 30B Meal: Chicken Bacon Ranch

Favorite Bowl/Smoothie : pitaya blend + rainbow toppings + vanilla almond butter & Green Dream w/ Protein

Favorite Baked Item: Bliss Bars

Favorite Chicken Salad: The Italian


Kaitlyn C.

kitchen staff + Zach Bryan historian

Favorite 30B Meal: Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato  & Kale Side Salad

Favorite Bowl/ Smoothie: Monkey Business w/ honey & extra granola/ Purple Rain w/ protein

Favorite Baked Item: Bliss Bars & Cinnamon Rolls

Favorite Chicken Salad: Original Chicken Salad

Makenyze O.

kitchen staff + beauty queen

 Favorite Bowl/ Smoothie: acai blend w/ strawberries, Nutella, & Rx Vanilla Almond Butter & Purple Rain w/ protein

 favorite 30B meal: Salmon & Sides

Favorite Baked Item: Cinnamon Roll


Lea S.

kitchen staff + southern belle

Favorite Bowl/ Smoothie: Big Red w/ Nutella & Purple Rain w/ protein

 Favorite 30B Meal: Mac N' "Cheeze"

Favorite Baked Items: Chocolate Chip Blondie

Mary Kinser

general manager + human search engine

Favorite bowl/Smoothie: OG Bowl + Monkey Business toppings / Lover Smoothie

Favorite 30B meal: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Favorite Baked Item: Sausage & Cheese Biscuits & Paleo Chocolate Cake


Sam S.

kitchen staff + basketball enthusiast

Favorite Bowl/ Smoothie: pitaya blend w/ bananas

 Favorite 30B Meal: Classic Breakfast Hash

Favorite Baked Items: Chocolate Chip Blondies

Chastity Yocum

kitchen staff + film afficianado

Favorite Bowl/ Smoothie:

 Favorite 30B Meal: 

Favorite Baked Items: 

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