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  • How do I place an order?
    There are 2 ways to do this: - Order through the online site [Shop Next Week's Menu]* - Call or Text (270) 793-2473 during operating hours with your order *Preferred method
  • How does it work?
    The 30 Bird is a to-go style/ meal prep restaurant and retail store that mainly focuses on providing meals and retail products that are Whole30 Approved and compatible. We also offer whole, non-processed foods that fit different diets such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, etc., Ordering for the following week opens on Friday morning and remains open until Sunday @ 11:59 pm for pickup the following Wednesday or Thursday or delivery the following Wednesday morning between 9-11am. Ordering is preferred but not required as we will always prepare plenty of extra meals for pickup throughout the week. Ordering is the best way to ensure you get the meals that you want. Feel free to call us to check availability of prepared meals and products. Acai and Pitaya bowls are made to order.
  • Are all of the grocery items and meals Whole30 Approved or compatible?
    No, but most are. While the majority of our prepared meals and products are, there are some exceptions. If a product or meal is NOT Whole30, this will be clarified both in-store and online; we will also try our best to explain why the product is not Whole30. Here's why: · Some products in our store were once considered Whole30 Approved or compatible but are no longer under the SWPO rules. However, the ingredients in these products are Whole30 compatible. · Some products contain ingredients that are not Whole30. This is usually because we are tailoring products to other diets such as Vegan and Vegetarian that often require protein from non-compatible sources.
  • Do you ship your products?
    No. We are not shipping anything just yet, though we hope to be able to in the near furtue.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes. We deliver within a 10 mile radius of Bowling Green, KY on Wednesday mornings between 9-11am. If you want delivery but do not live or work within our delivery parameters or are unavailable during delivery hours, please feel free to email us, and we will do our best to accomodate.
  • Can you accommodate special dietary restrictions?
    Yes. If you have dietary restrictions, please make us aware of these at the time you place your order. If you cannot leave a note on the item, call us! We can leave the nuts out of your chicken salad, sub meat for plant based protein for those on a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, etc., just let us know your needs.
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