"You are what you eat." You know the saying, and it's totally true!


Ann Scott


I’m a firm believer that what you put into your body is vitally important, and the passion I have for clean eating grew from my journey with Whole30.

The truth is this: Real, non-processed foods are able to positively affect our whole body, and the everyday relationship we have with food is the key.


The store


I received a Juris Doctor degree [J.D.] from the Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL, and I am a retired flight attendant from American Airlines.

Home is where the heart is, and my heart is currently in Bowling Green, KY where I currently live with my husband Jack and our five children. . . Needless to say, we don’t have a problem keeping ourselves busy :)

Ann w/ Melissa Hartwig [Whole30 creator]

Ann w/ Melissa Hartwig [Whole30 creator]


Along with my sister-in-law Michelle Scott, I began the Whole30 program in January 2017. As we were experiencing the dramatic results in virtually every area of our lives, we became increasingly motivated towards helping others make changes in their own lives. From personal insight, we discovered the biggest hurdle when completing a round of Whole30, or even simply eating clean, is the prep work; planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking. It’s time consuming!

In the same year Michelle & I rented a in a kitchen in Allen County, KY and started cooking. Our venture grew much faster than expected and in January 2018 we decided to move our operation to Bowling Green, building our own “nest” where we could expand to have an open kitchen with both a physical store and a space for coaching.

. . . And so The 30 Bird came to be!

In spring of 2019, once I was comfortable and the business was settled, Michelle “flew the nest”, setting out to pursue her enthusiasm for exercise & physical fitness. The 30 Bird highly recommends Michelle :)

Michelle & Ann Scott

Michelle & Ann Scott

The 30 Bird is happy to be certified through Whole30.  All products offered through T30B are compliant with the rules of Melissa Hartwig's revolutionary program, from the meals & ingredients, to the mission & core values.