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How The 30 Bird Was Hatched

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

On a cold, dreary day in January 2017,

we began our Whole30 journey. We had both experienced weight gain and other health-related problems... we were not sleeping through the night, eating everything in sight at 3:00 pm, and having hot flashes (some of you may relate), amongst countless other issues. We had no energy and no motivation to exercise.

Our first grocery trip to stock our kitchens with Whole30 foods was interesting, to say the least. We didn't know how to read a label; and what in the world is ascorbic acid and is it Whole30 compliant? And ghee... is that even edible? After combing the aisles of produce and searching far and wide for compliant bacon, we made our way to the checkout counter... two hours later. Our journey had begun.

We made it through our first Whole30,

and the people in our lives noticed definite changes; they wanted to know more. As our friends and family learned more about Whole30, several obstacles arose for them. They were leading busy lifestyles, and although they wanted the benefits of Whole30, they were faced with difficulties of grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking. We began cooking for a few people and they told their friends, who told their friends.

Currently, we cook in an industrial kitchen in Scottsville, KY and deliver in Bowling Green. We are anxiously awaiting the completion of our future nest on the US-31W By-pass in Bowling Green. We love cooking together and have enjoyed helping people make positive changes and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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