A Little Birdie Told Me: Aldi Grocery Store

"A Little Birdie Told Me" is a series of blog posts where we highlight news from other media and write a bit about how their content applies to The 30 Bird's mission of educating and supporting people as they make lifestyle changes through healthier food choices. 

Aldi Grocery Store

Unfortunately, many people decline to participate in Whole30 (and healthier eating in general) because of the expense. It is commonly believed that the price of healthier food is higher, which is true in some cases, but not universal fact. Nonetheless, we know that many want to manage a food budget and still feel good about the healthiness of their meals. For this reason, we want to introduce the grocery chain, Aldi. We have attached an article from Business Insider that talks a little more about the brand itself. Aldi is known for extremely discounted prices. This could make shopping for Whole30 foods much easier for those who are wanting to make a lifestyle change, but are worried about the cost.


For the local followers of The 30 Bird, we have attached a map to the Aldi in Bowling Green, KY!


Whole30 Compliant at ALDI!