Whole30 Summit: Sunday and Monday

Weekend Blog Three

This blog post was written on August 5th, 2018.  The final paragraph was written on August 6th, 2018. 

Sunrise + Run... how else would you want to start your last day in beautiful, Utah

Then it was time for some breakfast... the menu for this morning consisted of some fruit, nuts, and crab frittata.  All delicious!  We were glad to see coffee and even happier to see Nutpods on the scene.  

It's a bittersweet day for us... it's the last day and time to wrap up the Whole30 Summit.  It's been such a wonderful weekend!  We have not only learned so much, but also met so many great and supportive people.  It's time to say our goodbyes to our friends and fellow Whole30 Coaches.  We feel fortunate to have had this experience.  We are now more excited about Whole30 than ever!

So now we have to get back home (this could be an adventure).  We had the bright idea to fly to Nashville (BNA) via Dallas (DFW) using American Airlines employee passes... which means standby.  Here we are on a Sunday afternoon, everybody and their brother decided to leave Salt Lake City via American Airlines.  We are trying to get on a 3:30pm flight (the only connection that will get us to BNA tonight).  We watch all the passengers get on the flight, we watch the door to the jet bridge close (meaning the flight is full and closed).  We are still standing in the terminal.  Ugh.  The next flight is in two hours, so we decided to try for that one.  We got the very last two seats on that plane.  Woohoo!  At this point, we realized we will most likely be spending the night in DFW and that our bags will most likely be going to BNA without us.  But that's okay, we are getting closer to home.  We need to get back home... between the two of us, we had four back to school nights to attend to Monday night.  

Yes, as it turns out, we were right.  We landed in DFW and our bags are in BNA.  We have nothing but our carry-on bags, and it's 9:50pm.  We scoped out a t-shirt shop at the airport with ten minutes to spare until closing as luck would have it... DFW has a nice hotel attached to the airport.  We were set for the night.  

Catherine at the DFW Hyatt Regency saved the day!  She made us amenity bags with all the essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover, etc.) to get us through the night.  Thank you Catherine


It's now 11:00pm.  We were starving, and thankfully, we almost always have food.  This dinner does not exactly conform to the Whole30 template, but it is all compliant and stuff happens!  We are especially excited to have Beef Thins from The New Primal.  Aren't we all just doing our best!  


Here's our motto for the moment:  desperate times require desperate measures.  

We love our new pj's.  Go Cowboys! 

We are starting out early tomorrow morning... trying for the first flight from DFW to BNA (standby again)!

Monday at 5:00am

Same girls, same airport, same clothes... another day, another flight.  We sure hope we can get on this early flight and get back home.  At least there's a MAC makeup store in the airport... if we get bumped from the flight... we can get makeovers! 


We've returned... with 'heavy' tags on our luggage!

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