Whole30 Summit: Saturday

Weekend Blog Two

This blog post was written on August 4th, 2018.  

Well, we really got our blood pumping to start off day two at sunrise... one word: TMACTMAC20.  As in the Todd McCullough, fitness guru.  We were tired in the beginning, but Todd really got us going (and it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes).  He led us in a great yoga class followed by our first ever TMAC20 class on the lawn.  TMAC20 is an intensive 20 minute cardio workout.  We did lunges, jumping jacks, push-ups, and ran in place, all in succession, for twenty. grueling. minutes.  Mix that with the high altitude and talk about a workout... our heartrate was through the roof.  What a way to start the day!

Next was the bountiful Whole30 breakfast.  Again, we were struck with gratitude because of no special orders or requests... just Whole30 goodness in its purest form.  The spinach frittata was amazing and who doesn't love a salad for breakfast?  Especially one with Whole30 flowers.


Following breakfast, we had several sessions with some of the biggest names in the health food industry.  We learned some fantastic tips to help you on your Whole30 journey.  We can't wait to implement all that we learned and bring it back to Bowling Green.  Next on the agenda was lunch, Whole30, of course.  The carrot and golden raisin slaw was our clear favorite.  We have to get that recipe!  The afternoon was filled with more sessions.  We were so inspired; we cannot wait to start a Whole30 group in September

One of the highlights for us was a 3-mile hike up Canyons Mountain, led by Melissa Hartwig herself.  We loaded up in a gondola and took a 17 minute ride up the mountain to begin our hike. 

We all trekked up the mountain and enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenery ever!  

No hike is complete without implementing our favorite yoga poses. 

We ended the hike with a meditation, also led by Melissa. 


Great ending to an unforgettable experience

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