Whole30 Summit: Friday

Weekend Blog One

This blog post was written on August 3rd, 2018.  

What a fantastic day it has been!  We started out in Nashville this morning - final destination - Park City for the first ever Whole30 Coaches Summit.  And no, in case you were wondering, we let the "real pilots" fly the plane. 


Airports, as you know, do not have the best selection of Whole30 food!  So here's how we solved that issue... we packed our own!  You will be happy to know, we planned so well we have plenty of food for our return flights! 


Upon our arrival in Salt Lake City, we met up with two other Whole30 coaches to uber to Park City.  What we did not plan for was four women, four carry on bags, four suitcases (the two Kentucky girls may have had some supersized suitcases... oops) in a tiny Honda Fit.  Needless to say, we were crammed into this situation (and yes, one person had to sit on a suitcase).  We all became fast friends and felt lucky that we fit in the Fit.  


After getting all checked in to our hotel, we had dinner with about 100 other Whole30 coaches and the Whole30 team.  What a treat it was to have an entire feast of 100% Whole30 compliant food.  No special instructions on what to eliminate, no questions about ingredients used... we were able to enjoy a fabulous dinner and stay compliant


The icing on the cake was mingling with the Whole30 Headmistress herself.  Despite her success and fame, she is down to earth and genuine. We were all honored to be in her company tonight. 


Can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings! 

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