10 Products, 5 Profiles, 3 People

Since our return from the beautiful mountains of Utah, we finally had an opportunity to regroup and reflect on our trip.  What a wonderful experience to be face to face with so many passionate people.  We, as a Whole30 community, are on the cutting edge of a revolution in the food industry.  There are so many exciting things coming!  We wanted to pass along a few wonderful new brands of Whole30 compliant foods.  We haven't been able to try them all, yet, but the ones we have tried have been fantastic!  Also, check out some of the fascinating people who spoke during the breakout sessions.  We are already looking forward to next year's summit! 

10 Products to Try:

  1. Chomps Meat Sticks
  2. LaCroix Water
  3. New Primal Beef Thins (Kroger carries them, but they're not Whole30) and Barbecue Beef Thins, and their new sauces and marinades:  Classic BBQ, Mustard BBQ, and Mild Buffalo
  4. Primal Palate Seasoning Mixes:  Taco and Fajita, Garden Ranch, and French Onion
  5. Nutpods
  6. Seasnax
  7. True Fare Marinara
  8. Tio Gazpacho Drinks
  9. Mesa de Vida Cooking Sauces
  10. NaturAlmond Almond Butter

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow:

  1. @loubiesandlulu
  2. @therealfoodrds
  3. @againstallgrain
  4. @drwillcole
  5. @thenewprimal

3 People to Check Out:

  1. Will Cole
  2. Todd McCullough
  3. Danielle Walker


Whole30 Summit: Sunday and Monday