Do You Know Your SWYPO?

The first time I ever heard about SWYPO was from a friend that I was unofficially coaching.  I had been doing Whole30 for several months, had read the Whole30 Bible, and thought I was an expert.  How had I missed this?  It's actually a very important concept.  

SWYPO, aka Sex With Your Pants On, refers to foods that are technically compliant, but so close to a "no brakes" food that they just aren't a good choice for you. 

For example, I am a recovering sugar addict.  During my years of depression, sugar was my comfort food.  When I was lonely, I baked cookies.  When I was anxious, I ate a half gallon of ice cream.  I have been known to bake a loaf of banana bread "for the family" and eat the whole thing myself... So, anything that resembles a dessert (cake, cookies, breads, ice cream, etc.) isn't a good choice for me.  I go right back to the no brakes zone; I can't stop.  The best example of that for me is the RXBARs and  LÄRABARs.  One chocolate sea salt RXBAR is like a brownie for me... It always leads to two.   

SWYPO is different for everyone. 

Ann, my partner, is more of a salty snack/appetizer no brakes girl.  So for her, nuts, plantain chips with guacamole, etc. are her SWYPO.  They're technically compliant, but prove difficult when trying to throw on the brakes

Through Whole30, you will achieve food freedom.  For the first time in my (50 year) life, I have self control when it comes to eating.  My family can order a big, yummy, delicious pizza, and I am perfectly happy with my big, yummy, delicious salad.  I know pizza will make me feel horrible, and it is just not worth it to me.  But lets be real, we all have our weaknessesWe all have unhealthy psychological attachments to certain foodsDo yourself a favor and be real, so that you can set boundaries.  For example, I don't keep more than a couple of RXBARS in my house at a time, and I rarely buy coconut cream pie LÄRABARs... I could easily eat the whole pie, if you know what I mean. 

Know your SWYPO!


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