Birds of a Feather Flock Together

When your oldest daughter leaves her Kentucky nest for Colorado... What do you do?  You go with her, of course!  Well, not permanently.  My oldest child decided to take a summer internship in Denver.  She needed a car for the summer, so I was excited to drive across the country with her and fly home a few days later.  


As all Whole30'ers know, travel can be stressful.  There are no fast food options, and with a 19 hour drive ahead of us, we were not stopping for an hour to sit down at a restaurant that may possibly have options. 

So, what did we do?

We took our own food!  It really was not difficult and worked out well.  We had plenty of snacks and also brought some of our own The 30 Bird meals!  


We left super early in the morning, and brought two perfectly cut squares of our The 30 Bird Breakfast Casserole for whenever we were ready.  For other meals, we brought 16 oz containers of our Whole30 Chicken Salad, prepared by none other than The 30 Bird!  We packed it in a cooler, and it hit the spot during lunchtime.  We had enough chicken salad for dinner too, but we decided that we might stop and sit down for our evening meal.

Even though snacking is not encouraged on Whole30, most people want to snack occasionally during a long road trip.  We packed lots of fruit (grapes, apples, and berries) in the cooler.  We brought individual packs of Justin's Almond Butter and a variety of nuts and dried fruits (raisins, mangoes, and strawberries).  We also decided to include RX Bars and Lara Bars in case of an emergency.  One pleasant surprise was a packet of Beef Thins from The New PrimalYum!  

With plenty of waters in the cooler and The 30 Bird Chicken Salad, what more could one want?!?  We also brought our yoga mats, but we'll save that for a different blog...


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