The 30 Bird Flies to Our Nation's Capital

NSV’s all day, everyday... When we started Whole30 in January of 2017, neither of us could run to our mailbox… and we don’t have long driveways. We had both run in the past and between the two of us, had completed several races.


I had started running to lose baby weight back in 1998. I ran for ten years, completing several 10Ks and one half marathon in Memphis in December of 2008. I never set the world on fire with my speed, but I could run distance. Training for a full marathon, I sustained injury after injury. I was 39, with one stress fracture after another. Finally, so discouraged, I gave up running all together for the next nine years. Every time I tried to get back into it, I couldn’t seem to stick with it. One mile felt unattainable.


For me, running a half marathon was a bucket list thing! It all started when a group of old law school buddies decided running a half marathon would be our next annual get together! Only problem was… I wasn’t really a runner. I had run some 5Ks back in the late nineties… so twelve years prior. I started training with a Jeff Galloway group in Charlotte in the summer of 2012… by February 2013, I had run three half marathons. I took a break from running, not intending the break to be so long… But, four years later in June 2017, I wanted to run again but was completely out of shape and could not even run 1/4 of a mile.

What made this time different? How were we able to stick with it this time?

Two words. Two Things. 1. Tiger Blood and 2. Jeff Galloway.

Around Day 21 of our first Whole30, we both started feeling what we now understand was Tiger Blood. Energy through the roof. The unexplained desire to exercise. Still many pounds overweight, to go out and run without stopping seemed impossible. With the Jeff Galloway method, however, running was again an option. We started off running one minute, walking one minute. We followed the Jeff Galloway program, doing two shorter runs during the week, and a longer run on Saturdays. After several weeks and visible results, we started a running group. We had to share this with the world! “Kickin’ Asphault Bowling Green” has been meeting in the wee hours of the morning to run/walk. We have run miles and miles together and become more than running buddies. The bond created between runners is difficult to describe unless you’ve experienced it.

This weekend, four members of KABG are flying to DC to run the Army 10 Miler. Women who had never run before will run 10 miles and experience the unforgettable as we circle the monuments and run with those who have served our country in the most sacrificial way possible.

Over the years, we’ve heard so many women say: “I’m not a runner” or “I hate to run, how do you do it?” The Jeff Galloway method can turn anyone into a runner. “If you can walk, you can run.” Looking forward to this milestone and many future runs and races! Stay tuned for a play-by-play of our DC adventures!

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