A Feather in Our Cap: One Year

Yesterday was a big day for the 30 Bird… a year ago on October 17th, we delivered our first Whole30 meal… hence a new business was born. 

We have experienced so much over the past year. We have learned tons and had lots of fun during the process. We have had about a million laughs in the kitchen, lots of recipe blunders along with some great recipe results, learned the business side of a small business, discovered that in our state you must cook in an industrial kitchen. While doing all of this we have met so many wonderful people in our own community and in our Whole30 Coaching world too. We started out with a simple recipe (Whole30, of course) that our friends liked. By the end of this year, we will be in a brick and mortar located on the By-pass in Bowling Green, KY. We are very thrilled about the future of The 30 Bird. Although we will not miss the drive to Scottsville (the location of the industrial kitchen we use currently), we will miss the great people we have crossed paths with during our time at there.

All great companies, along with a passion and the desire to serve customers, started somewhere just like we did one year ago. 

Starbucks - started back in 1971 when 3 friends from back in college days got together and wanted to make high-quality coffee beans available to people.

Apple - set up shop in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage to build an “easy to use” computer for people - hence the personal computer was born.

Whole Foods - started when two young friends coupled with a natural food store and opened up the 1st Whole Foods.

Mattel - a newly married couple started a picture frame business out of their home which turned into dollhouse furniture then toy maker.

Nordstrom - started out when a 26 year old boy from Sweden opened up a small shoe store in Seattle. 

These are all companies that started small and their common theme was that they had a passion to serve others. 

In 5, 10, 20 years we may still be a small business on the By-pass but we do share one thing in common with these companies…we are passionate about Whole30, living a healthy lifestyle and helping people.  


The 30 Bird Flies to Our Nation's Capital