Açaí Bowls


. . . What is it?

Originating from Brazil, this “smoothie in a bowl” is made with fruit, including antioxidant-packed açaÍ [AH-sigh-EE] berries. This mix is layered on a bed of homemade granola then finished with fresh fruit & toppings [coconut, bee pollen, cacao nibs, goji berries, chia seeds, & hemp hearts].

. . . How do you say açaÍ?

[ AH-sigh-EE ]

. . . Where & when?

AçaÍ bowls are made-to-order fresh in-store:

Mon∙ 11-2 Tues∙11-2 Wed∙11-6 Thur∙11-6 Fri∙11-2 Sat∙9-2


Your ‘guilt free’ pleasure awaits

Your ‘guilt free’ pleasure awaits


1058 US 31W By-Pass [parking & entrance via alley]

Mon 11-2 Tues 11-2 *Wed 11-6 *Thurs 11-6 Fri 11-2 Sat 9-2

*best selection of fresh food available